Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is official I am a triathlete not a runner

The triathlon season has finally arrived with my first race now in the books. I will write a race report once I get emailed the official results, but I was first and I believe my time was 1:01:4x. It was an excellent weekend with all of the University of Western triathletes having excellent races and an fun time.

After an excellent result in which I finished approximately 20 minutes faster than I did last year I have decided there is no more messing around and I am 100% triathlete. This means that come September I will not be trying out for the University of Western Cross-country team unless something drastically changes. I was looking forward to running with this excellent group of guys again in the fall, but there were a couple things that just did not sit well with me about the coaches and their philosophies. They should have an excellent year with 6 of their top 7 runners returning.

With the UMS championships over all my energy will be focused towards preparing for Knoxville which is about a month away. Wow time flies and thank god it is starting to feel like summer. This means that I will be biking as many hills as southern Ontario allows. The next couple weeks of running will see a small cut in mileage as I cut my long run back a bit to freshen up the legs for hard intervals during the week. I will probably do a couple track sessions with some 400s to get the legs moving quick.

I am off to write my first of five exams and I will write an official race report once I get the results.


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