Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mental Toughness

Well the last couple weeks have been tough to say the least. You always hear about mental toughness and motivation, and I think people just begin to believe that elite athletes are always at the top of their game physically and mentally. This is not the case, and luckily I saw something from Macca confirming this during a time when I was struggling to stay focused.

I find August is a tough month. The end of the season is near, and it seems like the body is just calling for a break from the intensity of the race season. After Knoxville the main focus of this season was the Magog Continental Cup, and after I finished it was like my body went into cruise control. Workouts the last month have been all over the place. One day the lifeguards are probably thinking about jumping in to save me and the next I am swimming pb's.

The good thing is no matter what kind of lull you go through that fitness is there somewhere; you might just need to change things up a bit. That is what we did last week. I was thinking about racing Bracebridge this weekend, but decided I need to get in a solid block of training. So instead of racing, Saturday was my highest volume day I have done this year (5 hours) and the swimming volume this week was up'd as well.

I have 3 weeks until Wasaga to get the body going. The Recharge With Milk series is really spicing up, and it looks like it is going to be a close finish in the points race. Hopefully I can come up with a couple end of season victories to get on the top step. It has been a great summer racing some really strong guys, and hopefully it will continue next year.

Like always I have to thank my sponsors for allowing me to do what I love, and Cliff for leading the way.

PS I am doing a relay at the Bulldog Triathlon, a little home town gem. If anyone else wants to put in a team bring it on ha.