Monday, December 5, 2011

Testing Round 2 - Tie Game: Test 1 - Me 1

I am a bit late getting this up but a couple weeks ago I did retesting for running and cycling (swimming is a pain because the lifeguards don't like blood on the pool deck).

The run test was first and we did that on the Saturday morning. It included an approximate 4.4k solo effort. I started out way to fast with the 1st kilometer clocked at 3:10 and gradually slowed down from there. Still managed to run close to 5k pace, and even better news was that my running improved. My zone 1 and zone 2 saw huge jumps and the other zones saw some increases as well. Score: me 1 test 0.

The cycling test was the next day and included a 20k tt. This is the longest hard effort I have done since training started back up in September. This did not go as well as I hoped it would and we saw very little improvement. Score: me 1 test 1.

This next phase is going to put more emphasis on the bike and run as we build on the swim focus of the last couple months. We are going to be throwing in some tempos and hills to try and build some strength in these chicken legs. We have another 800m swim tt on Wednesday, and I have been feeling amazing after the swim camp. I am sure my time will be faster; the question is just how much?

I probably will not post again until after exams so good luck to all the students on their December finals. Happy Holidays

P.S. I hate rain