Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Change Of Plans

I decided I am going to quit triathlon and take up wrestling . . . oh wait it just got dropped from the Olympics. I don't agree with that decision, but this is not what this post is going to be about because no matter who gets cut they are not going to be happy.

The real change in plans is that I am going to be going to Clermont March 9th for the ITU Continental Cup, and then I will be staying the following week to race the Continental Cup in Sarasota. I can't wait to get out there and race. I have been really itching to race the last month or so after getting a small taste of racing at the swim meet.

I am always a bit nervous going into big races like this. I think my biggest fear is always getting lapped out. With a 4x5km looped bike course it should be difficult to get lapped out of Clermont (even with the staked field that has a few past Olympians).

I will be knocking the rust of this weekend at the Really Chilly Road Race. It seems like most people are entered in the 10k, but I am going to do the 5k to see where my legs are at.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A quick winter update

Here is a quick little update on where things are at in my triathlon life.


As always it seems like my swim is consistently improving. I got the wonderful opportunity to swim at the Western Quad Meet against Waterloo, Brock, and Laurentian. Once again I saw two more pbs. 4:52 for the 400 free and 1:04 high for the 100m. This was my first time breaking 5 and was a huge monkey to get off my back after going 5:00 at the Guelph talent id where I stopped at 350m, and it was also my first time going sub 1:05 in the 100m. Next up will be a time trial around St. Patty's Day and the Ontario Masters Provincial Championships.


For those of you that didn't see my new bike, I picked up a track bike in the fall. This winter I have been putting in most of my mileage at the Forest City Velodrome. I find it much easier to chase people around the track then to sit on the drainer for hours. This doesn't mean I have neglected my trainer. I have been going to the MultiSport Zone spin classes on Saturday for an excellent 2 hour spin class.

138m and 60 degree banks and no brakes can make for some heart pounding riding


Running in the winter is never exciting. I have just been logging the miles, and recently I started adding in some speed stuff to get the legs ready for a fast spring. Last week was my biggest run week since I ran cross-country at Western 3 years ago.

Hope everyone else's training is going well. I know I am getting the itch to race again.