Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Swimming Swimming In A Swimming Pool

Lately it seems like all my time is spent in the pool. I am not complaining about this as I have come to enjoy my time in the freezing cold Western Pool. It does help that most of my swimming is done with other people, and this seems to make the time fly by. We really do have an awesome group of triathletes and masters swimmers at the school, and Ken knows what he is talking about. Ken even managed to talk a couple of us into swimming a masters meet at the end of March in Etobicoke. Its going to be interesting to see what I can do in a real race. I don't know how swim meets work at all so I can add it to the list of things I need to learn this season. I am really getting the itch to start racing, and if things go smoothly there are a couple lined up in the near future. Western's Splash and Dash is March 11th and Queen's Spring Fling is the same weekend as the masters meet. These are nice low key events that you guys should come use a spring tune up. I am going to be using them as tune ups for Rev3 Knoxville in May.

Spring break is next week so I wish everyone going away to training camps safe travels. Unfortunately I will be staying in London this year. It is probably a good thing I did not sign up for a camp since I have listed myself as day to day with a lower body injury. 

Alright I have updated you with my going ons (aka wasted enough of your time) and I need my beauty sleep. Until next time. Train smart train hard. Peace

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Marathoning and Long Course Triathlon

The past year in the marathon has been extremely exciting to watch with many great story lines to follow. In 2011 Kenya absolutely dominated the marathon world posting the top 20 times in the world with three guys under 2:05 and a new world record of 2:03:38 (this does not include the Boston results). Including a 2:05:16 by a 21 year old, a 2:06:07 by a 19 year old, and numerous other 2:06/2:07 performances by guys at young ages. Already in 2012 a 21 year old ran 2:04:23. It seems there has been a shift in the age of marathoners and it makes sense. With the 5000m and 10000m being so competitive excellent talent is making a shift to the marathon earlier in life and not following the path of many that move to the marathon as they age. Not to mention there is a better chance of making good money running sub 2:10 for the marathon than the equivalent 27:40 10k. 

A similar thing happens in triathlon. All the young pups stick it out in the Olympic distance draft-legal scene and then move to long course when a) they realize they need money or b) they are no longer competitive in short course racing. Long course racing, especially in North America, is what the general public thinks about when they hear the word triathlon. I can't count the number of times people have asked me if I have done an Ironman once they hear I do triathlon. In terms of prize money triathlon is no where near running, and neither long course nor short course offers to much. However, in North America, I believe it is easier to find outside of the sport sponsors for long course then short course (my evidence for this is that there are more "teams" in long course then short course such as the old commerzbank team and tbb). So will this increase in possible income and the competitiveness of draft legal racing drive more young triathletes into the long course world? I know I have thought about it, but my bike is no where near strong enough yet. Perhaps if we do see a move by young athletes the eight hour mark will be broken more and more.

Kind of had to close this off quickly or I am going to be late for swim practice. Hope everything is going well for everyone. Cheers