Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend at home and cold weather

Went home this weekend since it was the last weekend I could go home before finals start. I also have to come home December 10th to dog sit. It was nice being home to get some good food besides my regular pasta, stir fry, and tacos that I always seem to be eating. Friday night my mom cooked some ribs then Saturday we had steak and sushi. Unfortunately the cold weather also returned home this weekend after a fairly nice spring, summer, and fall.

I went out for rides on Friday and Sunday with a run on Saturday. All three were below 0 with the wind chill. After taking the last couple winters off this cold weather was a bit of a shock to my body but its time to HTFU if I want to achieve my goals this summer. I was supposed to be running cross-country nationals this weekend in Guelph but after taking time off for my sprained ankle about a month ago I didn't feel like I had the speed needed to compete. Congratulation to everyone that raced and battled the snow and wind.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanks everyone

First I'm going to start off with Simon,
Because of you my page views went from one or two a day to a whopping 27!!!!!
I think deep down you actually love it because you were making fun of my blog the same way you made fun of Justin Bieber and we all no how much you love Bieber.

Vicky and Rachel my only followers so far.

All the other bloggers for showing me what a real blog is supposed to look like, I might get there someday.

And last but not least the guys at Multisport Zone in London, Ontario. I have been in there way to much these last couple weeks correct my swim and bike. The swim is definitely 1000x better than it was and I'm really starting to notice it. Wednesday was my first time on the computrainer and we found a couple flaws in my cycling that I can work on during the winter. Basically it was that I'm a whimp and couldn't push a hard gear if my life depended on it and if i only had a left leg i would be even more screwed since its quite a bit weaker than my right (about a 48 52 split).

While I was there I also did a 10k tt on the computrainer. I only did it in 19 flat which i was a bit disappointed in since that is about a 31kmh average and i have been average that when i go out for 60+ minute rides. I will be back in there to give it another go probably early in the new year or right at the end of december and hopefully all my numbers will improve by then.

Next week I will be doing swim and run time trials sometime during the week just so i can get an idea of where my fitness is before the training really picks up.

This week I did my first run workout with some intensity (8x2min with increasing rest from 30sec) and there was no pain in my ankle. Next week or the week after I will start adding some tempo type stuff since that was definitely my weakness this fall.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The joy of shaving ones legs and reasons why.

So today was round two of shaving my legs and instead of using my normal razor I went and bought a large bag of disposable razors since it would be cheaper. BIG MISTAKE.
The first swipe of the blade probably cut me three time and continued to cut me as I continued shaving. I expected to cut my self a couple times around the knees and ankles, since that was why I started using nair in the first place, but no it would cut me in the most random of places when I wasn't doing anything different. Practice makes perfect so for now I will stick to the razor and keep my roommates' noses happy.
Now for the reason why a male would want to shave his legs since I get asked this every time I shave/nair my legs. I do not do it to swim/bike/run faster but for comfort. I like the way my legs feel gliding through the water or that all these little blonde hairs don't poke through my running tights. For cycling its so if I crash the bandages don't rip all the hair out and the hairs don't get infected.
There now you all know how icy my legs are.

I'm heading to bed though so I can swim in the morning. Good night and stay smooth.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A busy day

I have finally finished mid-terms so its time to really focus on planning my training at least up until January. Planning what workout to do and when to do it is a lot more difficult than I previously thought. I also got to do my first steady run. I did 15 minutes with no pain wooohoooo. I discovered this injury and having to start my mileage build up from zero is a great way to get used to the Newtons I bought since I didn't really get to run in them all that much.

New Kid Cudi cd dropped today and it is so good. Not to many club bangers but some good tracks to just chill to. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

What is this blogging stuff???

So I have finally decided to start a blog since it seems to be the cool thing for athletes to do (next will be a twitter so you can follow my every move). I don't really know what in the world I am supposed to talk about here because I don't know why anyone would want to read about me and my views about things. Anyway, here it is and I will try to update it and make it more appealing as I learn what I am doing.