Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 is here

Well 2015 is here so I have no more excuses not to update my blog a bit.

2014 did not end the way I wanted it to so after about a month of doing absolutely nothing it was time to start training again. Back in November I started working with Rich Pady of Healthy Results, the real reason for this is that I look great in orange, and their team kits are orange. No, in all seriousness Rich is extremely knowledgeable, has been in the sport longer than I have been alive and after spending time with him in Vegas and at his house in Orangeville last summer I felt like I would be able to work well under him.

In the past my weakness has always been my swim, and last season (thanks to Ken, Paul, Cliff and the Mustang Swim Team) my swimming was no longer my number one limiter. I wasn't coming out of the water in the lead at major races but being only a couple seconds of the main chase pack and leading out of the water at local races was right where I hoped to be. That means this winter I really get to focus on my bike where I was losing huge amounts of time. My skin has really thanked me however the stock of cocoa butter lotion has dropped significantly. At only the end of January I am already feeling more confident with my cycling. The last time we tested was back in December, so I am anxious to see if the numbers from a retest will confirm how I am feeling during interval sessions.

As for swimming I had a bit of a dip in November and December where I wasn't feeling comfortable in the water. I was only swimming 3x a week for about 3-4k which was a big drop from the prior year where I was doing 5 swims of 6-7k. We have also been trying to change my stroke by increasing the strength and efficiency in my pull, and limiting my kick. In the past I had always had a strong 6 beat kick and after trying to swim hard to hang on the back it would take a while to get going on the bike. Raleigh last year was a perfect example of this where I think I avg'd 10 or 15w higher in the 2nd half of the bike. The goal now is to come out of the water in the same time or faster but feeling more relaxed.

Running is running. Being that it is my background and traditionally my strength I never get to really put in a run focus. November and December was mostly spent getting some miles back in my legs with some strides or a  couple short (30-45s) intervals thrown in the run. I ran a 5k on the track Dec 23 and went 16:40. I wasn't to happy with this time, but I knew the season was still a long ways away. In January we added a couple "longer" interval runs in (aka a whopping 6x1min) and some tempo off the bike. This week I retested the 5k this week (this time on an indoor track so in my opinion a little faster) and went 16:04. That is pretty close to my official pb as I have an * next to my time from du worlds.

2015 will once again focus on the half distance. I am hoping to go to a couple of the challenge races, but with Muskoka and St. Andrews being the same weekend I think I will stick close to home and save some travel money since a pay check is never guaranteed when racing. I am going to kick things off this year at the Awake Chocolate Indoor Tri at McMaster University on Feb. 28th then a couple local running races before the season starts most likely in May in Knoxville. I am going to try and race a bit less than last year, especially less long races in back to back or back to back to back time frames. I think having a lot of long races at the beginning of my season bit me in the butt at the end.

The last big change for 2015 is that I am officially an NCCP certified coach. I am now working for Healthy Results. If you are looking for a coach to help you reach your goals feel free to contact me or fill out our questionnaire Here. Also, head over to our Facebook page (HR FACEBOOK) and give us a like. Any information about training camps and mega days gets posted to Facebook, as well as, interesting training articles we come across and tips to make you a better athlete.