Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

School is finally over!!

I finally finished my undergrad (still waiting on one more grade, but all my exams seemed to go well), and am moving on to real life. Not much has happened since my last post just grinding away at training and making sure I finished school this year and didn't have to come back for another semester.

Back in November I went to Guelph for a talent id day, and we did a 400m free time trial and then a 3k run. In the 400 I miscounted and stopped at 350m then had to sprint the last 50m. I still managed to pb by 1 second and I swam a 5:00. It was a bit of a heart breaker because I know I could have broken 5 for my first time had I not stopped. Next up was the 3k. I had not run a 3k in about 5 years, and the last one I ran was not very pretty. My goal was 9 flat as this has been a goal since grade 9, but my best is 9:30 from a 5k. There were pacers going out at 9 flat so I thought I would just sit in and follow. Now November is not the best time for running fast, most of my time has been spent in the pool, and I haven't done workouts conducive for a good 3k in forever as everything has been geared toward the 10k. The first couple laps were a shock to my legs having to run that fast and we went through the first k in 3:01. After that I moved to the front and put in a bit of a surge to get us back on pace. This was a mistake though because I was really starting to feel it at 2k (6:00ish). I died off in the last k and came home in 9:09. Both good results for November and I know I am only getting faster. Last year my fastest 400 was 5:05 so I am already about 5 seconds faster there.

Over the holidays I am going to be spending a couple days in St. George at Angela's and then a couple days in Chatham at my parents', but we have to be back in London for the 28th to start swim camp. I am getting the awesome opportunity to do swim camp with the Western Varsity swimmers that are not going to Costa Rica. There is going to be some big swim mileage, and I hope my arms do not fall off.

My goal now that I am done school is to keep this updated a bit more often. Stay tuned after Christmas for my early 2013 race schedule as well as reviews of some of the products I used in 2012.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.