Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yay to me for writing another post so recently. The holiday time is quickly coming to end, and everyone is working away at that 2013 New Year's resolution. My resolution is the same as it is every year, train smart and train consistently.

I really believe that most of my improvements in the last couple years have come from both of these two things. Training smart will lead to training consistently. A lot of this is with the help of a coach, Cliff is amazing at what he does and without him I would probably end up injured and burnt out. This is where training smart is important. While compared to some of the top elites I don't train as many hours, I have been able to increase my training load each year. With the exception of my it band bother me for a couple weeks last winter I have been injury free, and I keep improving. Remaining injury free and healthy has lead to consistent training. You can be a workout superstar for a month or even a year, but they say it takes 10,000 hours to master something or 1000 hours a year for 10 years. To put that in perspective I only trained for about 750 hours from January 1st to December 31st, and 1000 hours would work out to almost 20 hours a week. I can't wait to see where I am in just 5 years with the improvements I have had thus far.

For those interested here is my training breakdown for the year. I am still learning how to use my new mac so I went with the take a picture of the computer screen to get an image of the graphs. As you can see nearly half of my time was spent swimming.

I know in my last blog I said I would give a tentative 2013 plan, but I haven't planned much yet. I think I am going to start off with the Sprint Continental Cup in Clermont at the beginning of March, Rev3 Knoxville the beginning of May, and to top off the early season Angela and I are going to do Triple T in Ohio as a co-ed team. She will be doing some long course racing this season, and we thought it would be "fun" to give it a go. Incase you didn't know Triple T consists of 4 races in 3 days. On Friday you do a super sprint, Saturday is two olympics, and Sunday is a half iron. The second Olympic is bike, swim, run to mix it up a bit, and along with the half you must start and finish with your partner (as well as draft).

Happy New Year